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©Hiram Gellona 2021 – videoclip “A minha querida guitarra”

Latin Projects

©Hiram Gellona 2021 – videoclip “A minha querida guitarra”

Simona’s latin repertoire is expressed in Ethno-Latin and Latin-Jazz music.


The repertoire consists of original songs by Simona Palumbo written in collaboration with musicians or lyricists and covers of the Latin South American author tradition, where the songs are revisited and rearranged by Simona in collaboration with various artist. The reference albums and presented in the live, are two: “Latin Land” (2021, Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment) and “Latin Duets” (2022, Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment).
Live formations vary from duo to octet.
Simona presents a musical range of latin sounds according to her feeling, but sung strictly in the original reference language, depending on the style of the song. The songs are written and performed in various latin languages: Italian, Spanish (Cuba, Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Brazilian Creole (Capo Verde).

In 2023 Simona starts the collaboration with Gilson Silveira‘s Brazilian chants and rhythm orchestra Comunicato Samba. Follow Comunicato Samba’s lives on social network (Facebook page)



Simona Palumbo: vocals, shakers, arrangements, compositions, lyrics

Silvia Starnini: guitar, backing voice, arrangements, composition

Vito Miccolis: percussions, choirs

Enzo Mesiti: electric bass, choirs

Mao Mauro Gurlino: arrangements, guitar, second voice, composition

Elisa Aragno: transverse flute

Cecilia Salme’: cello

Alessandro Esposito: guitar, composition

Roberto Bovolenta: guitar, ukulele, electronics, composition

Romeu Melo De Souza: guitar

Pierino Zuzzaro: guitar, electronics, arrangements

Diego Trindade: guitar, voice, composition



The repertoire consists of songs by Bossanova and author MPB -Musica Popular Brasileira, as well as the standards of American jazz music. Live formations vary from trio to quintet and are formed each time by different musicians, depending on live needs and repertoire. There are two reference albums: “duoinbossa” (2004), bossanova by A.C.Jobim, “Latin Duets” (2022, Egea Music), original songs and Bossanova and author MPB covers. Planned in 2023 the recording of an album composed of American standards and Brazilian Bossanova as well as original songs by Simona Palumbo in jazz and bossanova style.

In 2023 the BrasilitaDuo project was born in collaboration with the Brazilian composer, guitarist and singer Diego Trindade. The duo offers Brazilian and Italian tradition bossanova and MPB original and revisited pieces.

©Emanuele Pensavalle 2016 – “Treasures” tour

Electropop project

©Emanuele Pensavalle 2016 – “Treasures” tour

In the electro-pop sector Simona records two albums, one of completely revisited and rearranged rock covers in an electronic style (“Treasures“, 2015, Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment) and another of her original songs, (“impression“, 2020, Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment), written in collaboration with the artistic partner Toni Valle, co-founder of the band simon & de tonis (SDT) and musician live with keyboard, electronic bass, electronics.

This project is presented live by Simona Palumbo on voice, shakers, kazoo, keyboards, accompanied by the electronic bases in high definition for solo live performance.


LIVE videos:


Simona Palumbo: all vocals, arrangements, skakers, kazoo, keyboards, arrangements

Toni Valle: keyboards, electronic bass, arrangements, electronics

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