Latin Duets

As an addition to her Latin production, Simona collects collaborations in this musical sector, composing and arranging each piece with four hands with the musicians, composers or authors with whom she collaborates creating in each song an original and personalized Latin sound, both in the original songs than in the covers.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Fraghola Entertainment

ARTISTIC PRODUCERS: Simona Palumbo, Luca Frencia (Fraghola Entertainment)

LABEL & DISTRIBUTION: Fraghola Entertainment / Egea Music


  • Simona Palumbo: compositions, lyrics, vocals, arrangements, shakers, artistic production
  • Silvia Starnini: guitar, vocals, arrangements in “Shimbalaiè”, “Le vie”, “Fermati”, composition
  • Alessandro Espositoguitar, composition in “Attimo immaginifico”, “Viaje paralelo”, “Salvador De Bahia”, “Ai, que lindo!”
  • Roberto Bovolentaguitar, electronics, arrangement, composition in “Il cambiamento”
  • Romeu Melo de Souzaguitar in “Velha Infancia”
  • Luigi Bonafede: piano, drums in “Inutil paisagém”, “Mi camino”, composition
  • Loris Bertotdouble bass in “Inutil paisagém”, “Mi camino”
  • Antonio Cantamesse: lyrics in in “Il cambiamento”, “Attimo immaginifico”, “Viaje paralelo”, “Salvador De Bahia”, “Ai,que lindo!”


Latin Duets

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