Simona Palumbo Music
Enzo Mesiti
Latin pop bassist, jazz teacher, mastering sounds

Enzo Mesiti, bassist, studies music with maestros Roberto Celio, Gianni Negro. Today he teaches and collaborates in various Italian projects as bass player and sound mastering.

At university he studied African-American musical civilisation with prof. Luca Cerchiari, a monographic part on Miles Davis. He collaborated with: Trio Marciano, Calipson, the Black City, Alberto Napolitano, Claudio Lodati, Carlo Actis Dato, Ivan Bert, Dario Chiazzolino, Martin Bellavia, Juan Carlos Calderin, Tony Velardi, Daniel Bestonzo, Vito Miccolis, Fabio Giachino, Alex Rolle, Gianni Branca, Marco Volpe, Skip Hadden, Sergio Bellotti, Rudy Rotta, Lola Gulley (Atlanta’s queen of Blues), Danilo Amerio, Regale and in the recording studio with Carlo Rossi, Josh Sanfelici, Beppe Crovella, Marco Canavese etc.


  • 2009-2011 Calipson
  • 2012 Lulu and the Bring Back Band
  • 2013 Danilo Amerio, Circus
  • 2014-2016 Lola Gulley and the Black City
  • 2017-2022 Alberto Napolitano “Napo”, Napo Canta de Andr√®

Current projects:

  • Marciano Trio
  • Alberto Napolitano, “Napo”
  • Simona Palumbo, Latin Land

He collaborated in the production dealing with the master sound of Simona Palumbo‘s Latin Land album (2021, Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment). He is part of the Simona’s live latin formations in quartet, quintet and octet.