From 2021 a wonderful project realized in authentic and unique artistic collaborations

From a dance-theatre dancer to actress and singer, from lover and frequenter of the art world, Simona Palumbo refines her performance skills over the years in an increasingly clear way, which lead her to express herself as a performer thanks to the conception of her “Art&Music” projects, created in collaboration with artists from the world of dance, culture and contemporary art, which Simona loves and from which she comes, for elective affinity and personal training.

Simona con Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

Simona loves contemporary art. In the first photo (2022) she is with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, director of the “Castello di Rivoli”, Contemporary Art Museum in Rivoli, Turin. In the others, Simona at some contemporary art expositions (2022).

The performances develop in a different space every time – art galleries, theaters, event spaces – compared to different arts each time – art jewels, paintings, installations, dance, poetry. Places in where Simona Palumbo sings her songs in Solo Voice, or accompanied by her only original electronic backing tracks, in the case of electropop albums. The artist, different depending on the “Art&Music” project, chooses one of Simona’s albums to be inspired to create or declaim in connection with the songs his work, during the performance. It is a mutual inspiration, not only in the preparation, but also in the performative act, conceived in the studio but executed according to the art and technique of theatrical improvisation, in which Simona specialized during the years of theater-dance.

from 2021

Latin Land Project
“Green Vibes”

Jewerly & Installations 2019 –

from 2021

Latin Land Project
“Soul Sisters”

from 2022

Latin Duets Project
“Painted Poetry”

©Ivan Bentivoglio 2020

from 2022

Impression Project
“Free Colors”

©Giorgio Angerame 2018 

Performance  with Jacopo Benassi @ARTEFIERA Bologna 2022


Performance Art&Music “Green Vibes” @Atelier Alberto Lusona – July 2022. Dresses designed by stylist A.Lusona

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©Ivan Bentivoglio / Emanuele Pensavalle 

Performance Art&Music “Green Vibes” @Galleria Ossigeno Studio – December 2021


©Ivan Bentivoglio 2021 – Performance Art&Music


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