Simona Palumbo Music

Backstage, Turin 2023


life & artistic profile

Born on July 2, 1973, she lives and works in Turin.

Fomerly a young dancer, she is later and currently dedicated to the professional music world as a latin in original languages and English elettropop singer and songwriter, and she is a performer in her 4 Art&Music projects.

She plays percussions and she sings in the Brazilian orchestra Comunicato Samba by Gilson Silveira.

She is a Vocal Coach.


1992: Diploma from Liceo Linguistico (English, French, Spanish) at Liceo Erasmo Da Rotterdam, Turin.

1988-1991: Certificates in English language – see Academic qualifications

2002: Degree in Philosophy with a focus on Aesthetics and Theater from the University of Turin

2003: Winner of the Thesis Prize at Salone del Libro Lingotto Fiere Turin

2003: Postgraduate Master’s Certificate, limited enrollment, Lombardy Region, European Community in Cultural Events Organization, Studium Institute Milan

2003-2006: she works at the Press Office of the Teatro Stabile Torino


1986-2003: Modern/classical/contemporary dance, specializing in dance theater, in the style of Pina Bausch. She becomes a professional dance theater dancer

1993-1996: Diploma in acting, diction, and singing, Accademia Tangram Teatro Turin

1992-2004: she works as a dancer, singer, and actress in two dance theater companies (lepartiminime, Le Ginestre), winning various competitions and performing in Italian theaters. She also works as an actress/extra in films in Turin and as a model in fashion and advertising, with the agency Why Not? Milan


1998-2001: She passes the audition selection and attends the CFM (Centro Formazione Musicale), Turin, where she studies: jazz singing, music theory, solfège, specializing in Bossanova

2002-2012: jazz singing seminars with Italian and American instructors: Rachel Gould, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Rossella Cangini, Barbara Raimondi


2014-2016: she attends the Academy and the Sones School, Turin, earning the certificate in “Functional Artistic Vocal Professional Development,” according to the vocal method of Gisela Romhert Lichtenberger Institute and Accademia Mod.a.i

2022: she approaches vocal technique in teaching, attending an intensive seminar in Singing&Coaching -Cheryl Porter Method with the American instructor Cheryl Porter


2014: first study in classical singing with Soprano Wally Salio, following the win of a scholarship for the First Prize at the seminar The Vocal Performance (February 2014) with the American teacher and musician Susan Didrichsen

2015-2018: classical singing techniques and study of operatic works with: Alexandra Zabala, Armando Donà, Davide Pelissero, Tatijana Korra

2019-2023: her operatic and vocal coach is Matteo Pavlica, pianist, tenor, soloist, and artist in the choir of the Teatro Regio di Torino (see an excerpt from a lyrical singing lesson by Simona)

2023-ongoing: study of singing as a dramatic lyric soprano with soprano Valeria Cocino (Teatro Stabile Carlo Felice, Genoa)

Picture with Matteo Pavlica – 2021

Picture with Gilson Silveira – 2023


2022-2023: she attends the school of Brazilian percussion and singing with the Brazilian musician and teacher Gilson Silveira earning the Comunichino Samba certificate

2023-ongoing: she joins the official Brazilian orchestra Comunicato Samba led by Gilson Silveira, also performing live.

2024-ongoing: she plays brazilian percussions and sings in the “Roda de Choro” conducted by brazilian composer  Lucio Costantinni

Studies and training

open and see the CULTURAL TRAINING

2003: Post-Graduation Master Certificate “Cultural Event Organization Techniques”, Milan, duration 1 year, compulsory attendance 8 hours a day, Lombardy Region, entry with selection.

2003: “Graduation Thesis Turin” Award, Book Fair, 2003 Edition, Lingotto Fiere Turin

2002: Degree in Philosophy, University of Turin, Specialization in Theatrical Aesthetics, Thesis in Theatrical Criticism

1992: LINGUISTIC HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA (3 languages, written and spoken: English, French, Spanish), Erasmus Da Rotterdam Private High School, 1st in Turin

1991: “First Certificate” diploma, English language, University of Cambridge, Local Examination Syndacate, International Examinations, Turin, duration 1 year, compulsory attendance

1990: Diploma “Preliminary English Test”, English language, University Of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate, Turin, duration 1 year, compulsory attendance

1989: “Course Certificate EF” certificate, English language, Edinburgh, Scotland, duration 1 month, 5 hours a day, compulsory attendance

1988: “Regent Summer School Certificate”, English language, duration 1 month, 5 hours a day, compulsory attendance, Weymouth, England.

open and see the ARTISTIC TRAINING


2000: contemporary dance at the Dance Space professional school, New York City, USA, duration 1 month, 6 hours a day.

1990-2003: Cébron contemporary dance and dance theatre, study and work in companies.

1994-1999: Seminars in Piedmont and Tuscany with Italian (including Sosta Palmizi) and foreign (including Zygmund Molyk) teachers for professional in-depth study in: bodily expression, stage movements, choreography, improvisation, dance theater (der. Pina Bausch)

1990-1998: Specialization in contemporary dance Certificate, Graham (Irene Klinger), Cébron (Silvia Gatti) techniques, Bella Hutter Dance Academy, Turin.

1995-1999: classical dance study with Periti Virtanen, Massawa School, Turin

1993-1994: Afro dance study with Katina Genero, Turin/Alassio (Sv)

1986-1995: modern dance study with Enrica Patrito, Don Marasigan, Cristina Viotti, Turin/Alassio (Sv)


1997: Diploma in acting and singing at the compulsory school (12 hours per week), duration 2 years, “Tangram Teatro Torino”, with conductors, actors, directors Ivana Ferri, Bruno Maria Ferraro and other teachers and / or guests for the teaching of the various disciplines: diction and use of the voice, acting, improvisation, singing, expression body, identification techniques.


2023-ongoing: opera singing study with the soprano Valeria Cocino (Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa), classical study method Maria Callas – Hidalgo

2014-2023: individual lessons in classical singing as a dramatic lyric soprano with: Wally Salio (soprano), Alexandra Zabala (international soprano) 2015-2016, Armando Donà (tenor) 2017-2018, Tatiana Korra (soprano) 2018-2019, Davide Pellissero (baritone) 2019, Matteo Pavlica (current tenor of the Teatro Regio Torino Choir) 2019-2023.

2003-2012: individual lessons and seminars in modern jazz singing as a mezzo-soprano with: Barbara Raimondi (2003-2005), Rossella Cangini (2007-2012).

2001: “Musical Training Center” certificate, jazz singing/music theory/complementary piano at CFM (Musical Training Center) in Turin. Entrance with selection, compulsory attendance, 4 hours per week. Duration 3 years.
Subjects: modern singing technique, music theory, solfeggio, complementary piano.
Music theory and solfeggio teachers: Giancarlo Capozzoli, Guido Canavese Complementary piano and musical accompaniment teachers: Riccardo Ruggeri, Fabio Gorlier. Jazz singing teachers: Elisabetta Prodon, Rossella Cangini

Seminars and music in-depth courses:

2023: “Alexander Technique Workshop” Certificate on 2 April 2023 conduced by Julie Parker, Corso Vercelli 5, Turin

2023: Intensive laboratory of singing and Latin American rhythms Certificate conduced by Melisa Galluzzo on 14/1/2023, San Filippo Neri Association, Turin

2022: certificate “Brasilian percussions”, workshop with the famous Brazilian percussionist Gilson Silveira, 40 hours, 9 meetings, Turin.

2020: youjazz certificate “Il canto del ritmo”, rhythmic and percussive techniques, famous jazz drummer Enzo Zirilli teacher, lasting 6 hours.

2018: seminar “vocal improvisation and jazz interpretation”, famous jazz singer teacher Tiziana Ghiglioni, lasting 8 hours, Turin.

2016: certificate “Mod.a.i.”, professional training course Functional Vocal Method Mod.a.i., duration 48 hours (2014-2015), Turin, teacher Marco Farinella

2015: certificate “Sones”, singing and vocality course Lichtenberger and Mod.a.i method, Functional Vocal Method. Duration 25 hours, Teacher, singer Laura Evangelista, Venaria (To)

2014: international certificate “Vocal Performance Workshop”, teacher, singer, New York rock composer Susan Didrichsen, shoulder of the famous American singer-songwriter Patty Smith. Duration 6 hours, final vote. 1st prize winner (cholar singing scholarship), Turin.

2012: CERTIFICATE “THE SONG OF THE SHADOW”, vocal experimentation in the stage space, teacher, singer, composer Rossella Cangini, duration 16 hours, Turin.

2008: certificate of course “COR-ALTRO”, VOCAL TECHNIQUE AND METHODS OF CHORAL IMPROVISATION, teacher, singer, composer ROSSELLA CANGINI, Turin, duration 3 MONTHS.

2002-2004: Study of the piano with the teacher, jazz musician and composer Riccardo Ruggieri, Turin.

1999: certificate “VOCAL TECHNIQUE AND JAZZ IMPROVISATION”, singer, teacher of Modern Jazz RACHEL GOULD, duration 8 HOURS, Turin.

Professional voice use: Vocology & Speech Therapy

From 2004 to 2020 he attended courses and speech therapy on the professional use of the voice, learning techniques, methods, exercises, lifestyle suitable for correct and healthy vocal use on speech and singing. Today she has an in-depth personal training and cognitive support that not only allowed her to heal debilitating dysphonies faced during her musical career, but that allow her, without the use of drugs, to speak and sing well, with a voice that is always clear and rightly set and dosed.

Speech/speech rehabilitation treatments, courses to learn techniques for a correct voice for professional use:

2022: “Heating & Hygiene” with Lorenzo Fammartino, speech therapist.

2021: “Reflux&Voce” and “Fiato&Voce” with Dr. Annamaria Bellomo, vocologist, ENT, gastroenterologist.

2021: “Hygiene & voice” with Giordana Gismani, speech therapist and singer.

2020-2023: “Voce”: theoretical and practical seminars on artistic and clinical vocology with Matteo Pavlica, tenor and singing teacher and speech therapists, vocologists, gastroenterologists.

2020-ongoing: individual method and teaching of the techniques learned during the years of diseases and definitive healing from dysphonies, oedema, small nodules, gastro-oesophageal reflux and bile reflux, the latter highly debilitating and declared clinically chronic therefore incurable if not with daily drugs in order to continue singing, but healed with study, the change of life, habits and speech. Only as a result, the singing has also changed. Since the end of 2019, I no longer know aphonies or other vocal pathologies nor have I suffered from pathological reflux and without the use of medications.

2019: Clinica della Voce, Pianezza (To) Dr. Raffaella Bossi, in collaboration with the San Luigi Candido (To), Dr. Jockeys. Dr. Bossi is a speech therapist, writer, founder of the “Clinica Della Voce”, specialist in artistic singing vocology. 1 year of treatment and “Professional use of the voice” course.

2020: Dr. R.Bossi, “Clinical of the Voice”, in-depth analysis of professional use of the voice, course “Vox Sana”, duration 5 months.

2017: Dr. Fiammetta Fanari in-depth studies and studies on the professional use of the voice, private practice in Turin, “Estill Voice & Training” course, duration 6 months

2016: Multicodex, speech therapist and singer Dr. Fiammetta Fanari, treatment course, duration 3 months

2004: Multicodex, Turin, speech therapist Angela Renati, treatment course, duration 3 months

Music career

Currently, Simona continues to compose Latin singer-songwriter and electropop songs. She performs live and on YouTube streaming with her Latin Trio, records music videos and video interviews to showcase her Art&Music music and performance art project, supported by WB Productions digital music productions and Wazzound Musicforge / Show&Music Academy music productions & mixing.

She collaborates with various musicians and artists to realize her projects.

She plays percussion and sings in the Brazilian orchestra Comunicato Samba led by Gilson Silveira.

She is a vocal coach with her Voice&Performance program.

Simona Palumbo Music

Simona recording studio session (2022)

Simona Palumbo Music

GRP Television Studios, Turin 2020


2015-2022: Record Labels

Collaboration with music publishing/production, record label/distribution Fraghola Entertainment and Egea Music which produce, publish, and distribute her albums: Treasures, impression, Latin Land, Latin Duets. See Discography

2017-2019: English Music Production by P.J.Walsh

Collaboration with London-based music producer Peter J.Walsh who produces and mixes two versions of her single Baby.

2021-ongoing: Digital Production

Collaboration with digital music productions WB Productions, which publish her complete discography (2004-present) on all global digital music platforms. They create and manage her Spotify channel, where they publish her complete discography. They also create and manage her Youtube, where they publish her music videos, video clips, interviews.

2023-ongoing: Music Production

Collaboration with Wazzound Musicforge & Show&Music Academy for music production & mixing, who oversee the music production of her digital singles.

Simona Palumbo Music

Picture with WB Productions producer Walter Jim Benedetti  (2022)

Simona Palumbo Music

Picture with Wazzound Musicforge – Recording Studios Show&Music Academy (2023)


2001-2018: Early Formations

Simona sang in various Jazz and Bossanova groups (Leinì Jazz Quintet, Tribossa, duoinbossa, Bossanova Quintet) and pop bands (Impatto Zero,Vittorio Cane)

2002-2017: Jazz Latino duoinbossa

During these years, Simona performed Bossanova and MPB in the duoinbossa duo.

In 2004, she produced the EP duoinbossa, named after the duo, where she sang and arranged Brazilian songs by the famous composer A.C.Jobim in collaboration with guitarist, composer, and arranger Pierino Zuzzaro

2013-ongoing: Electropop Project

2013: Collaboration with Teclado, an electronic band that in 2014 became SDT (Simon & De Tonis), an electronic duo in which Simona writes musical and vocal arrangements for existing pop-rock songs.

2016: The SDT duo releases their first album, Treasures (Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainments) a collection of American and British rock-wave covers reimagined in an electropop style with original tracks, and she composes their first original English electropop songs.

2017-2019: Peter J. Walsh, a renowned London producer, appreciates the electropop songs and publishes a dance and a trip-hop version of the single Baby. Listen to the two songs on Spotify

2020: SDT writes their second album, impression (Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainments) consisting solely of original English electropop tracks, an album that Simona releases under her own name, her first as a solo artist.

Simona Palumbo Music

SDT elettropop live (2017)

In 2024 Simona composes, writes, and publishes her first electropop single Particles, upported by WB Productions digital music productions and Wazzound Musicforge / Show&Music Academy music production.

2014-2022: Jazz Latino

Simona Palumbo & Luigi Bonafede  

2014: Simona adapts into English Dedica by Rossana Casale lyrics set to Luigi Bonafede‘s music and performs it live with the Luigi Bonafede Quartet

See a clip from the live performance in Turin 2014, DEDICATION

2019: Simona writes the English lyrics for Luigi Bonafede’s instrumental composition Andra

2021: The duo records a live music video of the song Inútil paisagem by A.C.Jobim/A.De Oliveira 

Watch the live on YouTube – INUTIL PAISAGÉM

2022: The two musicians arrange for a quartet Inútil paisagem and write the song Mi camino (music by L.Bonafede, Spanish lyrics by S.Palumbo) for the album Latin Duets by Simona Palumbo (2022, Fraghola Entertainment / Egea Music)

Simona Palumbo Music

Picture with Luigi Bonafede (2022)

2019-ongoing: Latin Project

Simona focuses much of her musical production and live performances on Latin music from around the world, arranging existing songs from Brazilian bossanova, South American music, Portuguese fado, and writing her own songs either solo or in collaboration with Italian, Brazilian, and Portuguese musicians and songwriters.

She has various musical formations with which she performs live. See videos on the YouTube channel

2019-ongoing: Simona Palumbo Latin Trio

2020-2021: Simona Palumbo Latin Quartet

2019-2020: Simona Palumbo Trio Jazz

The Latin production is divided into: ethno-Latin and jazz-Latin and includes an EP (2004), 2 ALBUMS (2021, 2022), 3 SINGLES (2023), 2 SINGLES (2024). See Discography

2021: she composes and arranges latin songs and publishes her 4th album – her 2nd latin one – as Simona Palumbo, Latin Land (Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainment) which contains her original latin songs in Italian and Portuguese and latin covers reinterpreted according to her sensibility, in collaboration with the artistic production of Mao Mauro Gurlino, CortoCorto Studio, Turin

2022: Simona composes, writes, and arranges her 5th album – her 3rd Latin one – Latin Duets (Egea Music/Fraghola Entertainments) which features her original latin songs in Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, and covers arranged in collaboration with musicians who record the album with her

Simona Palumbo Music

Picture of Simona Palumbo Latin Trio (2022)

Simona Palumbo Music

©Hiram Gellona 2021 – Picture with Mao Mauro Gurlino

2020-ongoing: Art&Music Performances

Simona conceives and writes 4 Art&Music projects:Green Vibes, Soul Sisters, Free Colors, Painted Poetry, in collaboration with 4 artists from the contemporary Italian scene, who create their works inspired by her songs. Simona performs these songs live in voice-only performances without music, during openings or dedicated artistic events.

Watch the videos of the performances in the Art&Music section

Simona Palumbo Music

Simona performing Art&Music (2021)

©Ivan Bentivoglio 2020 – “Only Good Things” videoclip