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Tu sì 'na cosa grande Simona Palumbo


Tu sì ‘na cosa grande

NEWSimona reinterprets the famous Neapolitan songwriting by rearranging it in Bossanova style

Tango rosso pre save


Tango Rosso

NEWTango Rosso tells my tango, how I see and feel this music. Tango is sound, rhythm, dance, passion and love, but it is also meeting, history, perfume, bodies, passion.

Particles singolo 2024



Simona gives voice to her second soul, the electropop one, composing “Particles”, available in the “15TH anniversary – ALL YOU CAN PLAY!” compilation of the record and digital production label ZooStation digitaLabel

Coraçao tremulo - Simona Palumbo


Coraçao tremulo

Simona’s new Brazilian single released on 8th December 2023, available on all digital platforms

Simona Palumbo feat. Mao - Un'onda Remix


Un’onda REMIX

Released on September 15, 2023, the Brazilian-Lounge remix by WaZzound Musicforge of “Un’onda”, song composed for the album “Latin Land” (2021) by Simona in collaboration with Mao

Nectàr - Simona Palumbo



Simona’s Brazilian single released on July 2, 2023 is available on Spotify and on all digital platforms.

Latin duets Simona Palumbo


Latin Duets

The newest Simona’s album is realized by her in her original latin songs written in italian, spanish and brazilian languages. All songs are composed and performed by Simona in collaboration with different musicians.

Latin duets Simona Palumbo


Latin Land

2021 album, composed of two original latin songs by Simona and others latin revisited according to her feelings. The album title “Latin Land” refers to a single land that unites and welcomes all diversities by breaking down distances with a single passionate and supportive musical voice that plays different latin sounds personalizing them and singing them in their original latin languages.

impression album Simona Palumbo



2020 album, Simona’s first solo album of original electro-pop songs in which Simona Palumbo writes music, lyrics and arrangements in collaboration with Toni Valle, who also writes the electronic compositions.

impression album Simona Palumbo



2015 album composed of famous rock, wave, trip-hop author songs from 1970 to 2000 reinterpreted by Simona in an electro-pop key and originally rewritten with personal backing tracks in collaboration with the musician and composer Toni Valle.

impression album Simona Palumbo



2004 EP of Bossanova famous songs by the Brazilian most estimate bossanova composer Antonio Carlos Jobim that Simona Palumbo interprets in original brazilian language.