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Graduated in Philosophy with specialization in Theatrical-Aesthetics (Turin, 2002), she obtains a limited number Master in “Organization of Cultural Events” (Milan, 2003).

She has thirty years of professional experience, study and research in the entertainment world. She works as a dancer, actress, model, singer, composer, vocal coach.

Over the years she performs on national stages with various bands and in different musical genres (pop, jazz, Latin).

From 2019 she focuses as a composer and singer in the Latin repertoire and as a performer in her Art&Music projects, that she conceives and writes in art contemporary field.

From 2004 to 2021 she releases 4 albums of revisited songs, in the latin/ bossanova and electro-pop auteur genres. In December 2022 her 5th album, “Latin Duets”, composed mostly of her original Latin songs in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. Since 2015 she has been on contract with the Fraghola Entertainments music editions/ productions and the record label Egea Music.

She collaborates also with the London producer Peter James Walsh (her single “Baby”) and the Italian musical productions WB Productions.

In the 90s she works in 2 theatre-dance companies (Le Ginestre, lepartiminime) in with she dances, acts and sings in many shows. Principal dancer in the Teatro Stabile of the city of Peveragno (CN) with the theatre-dance company lepartiminime.

Passionate about art, in 2020 she conceives and writes 4 original Art&Music performance projects and performs them in collaboration with artists, art galleries and entertainment professionals, exhibiting in the performance her songs in solo voice, in communication with the scenic space and the works of art and / or artists present.

In addition to a degree in philosophy with a theatrical aesthetic address, a linguistic high school diploma with three spoken written languages, various certificates in English, in the artistic field Simona graduated as a theater actress, dance theater dancer, jazz singer. She studies chant complementary piano and latin percussion. Over the years, she deepens her preparation also with professional seminars in the dance, singing and music sector. Since 2014 she has studied music and opera singing as a soprano. In particular as Vocal Coach she follows seminars of Vocology and “vocal functional method” for voice professionals and the “Cheryl Porter Singing Method Master Class” choosing an harmonic-functional approach of the spoken and the sung.

See in biography all the cultural and artistic certificates.

Simona Palumbo Music

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As a Vocal Coach, she proposes the “Voice&Performance” project. Individual or group, it is aimed at giving a diversified, personalised support to those who want to modify or to deepen some aspects of their artistic profile and to confront the current music scene. It wants to possibly direct towards the choice of schools or specific paths for everyone and does not aim to be a technical course of traditional singing, but to offer experience and knowledge in the entertainment sector. It also wants to provide a vision of the voice instrument and work on body awareness in the space and as a musical instrument. It intends to listen and offer instruments and advices for a healthy harmonic, intoned and rhythmic singing. It focuses on the dynamics and movements of the performance on stage, stylistic coherence and artistic choice, different for everyone. It offers the possibility of using the live instruments necessary to perform, with the possibility of recording in the theatre or rehearsing own songs. It also offers discursive work on topics concerning music, artistic performances, musical and vocal genres, music history, musical listening. It supports aspiring composers in the drafting and performance of original pieces. Performed in Italian in face-to-face and on-line, it can provide handouts in English, French, Spanish translated and written by Simona herself.

Specific topics of the course

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  1. Face/body relaxation techniques
  2. Brect breathing, exercises
  3. Research for voice and expressive style
  4. Reading sheet music/run on keyboard
  5. Song interpretation/song structure
  6. Correct pronunciation of songs in Italian/English/French/Spanish/Portuguesand interpretation of the song. Study of musical and tonal accents.
  7. Social Media consultancy for talent shows and/or music career. Ideation of artistic profile.
  8. Ideation and/or deepening of own repertoire. Support for writing songs in Italian, English, French, Spanish. Stylistic coherence and artistic awareness.
  9. Knowledge of musical genres and their differences on singing. Choice and study of own musical/vocal style.
  10. Ideation and deepening of the musical cultural background.
  11. Performance live in the soundproof room with professional voice system. Use and familiarity with live system and microphone.

Extra services available:

  • Professional recording of a single/album
  • Video clip realisations
  • Professional photo shoots for social profiles or other
  • Consultation and / or presence if requested by Simona Palumbo during the extra services


Simona Palumbo at Zoo Station, Pittara Street

n. 34, Turin, North Italy. First floor, room n.2

vocal coach torino

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