Latin Land Project

“Green Vibes”

©Hiram Gellona 2020

This project was born from a great friendship and mutual professional esteem.
Simona Palumbo singer, composer, performer, dancer Manuela Maria Marazzani (MANUMARA) jewelry & art.

The two artists confront each other, inspiring each other, passionate about latin music and the artistic and musical culture of the places of origin of these songs presented in Simona Palumbo’s latest album “Latin Land” (2021, Egea Music, all right reserved). Manu Mara has created a collection of jewelry and design by listening to the songs written by Simona and the covers revisited by her according to her musical feeling, songs that are known and dear to Manu Mara.
Her multiple stays in Brazil and Portugal have shaped her culture and interest in Mexican, Brazilian and Portuguese artists. The result is represented by the unpublished glass works that she made inspirated from the warm and intimate musical style of Simona Palumbo, a versatile artist with many vocal, compositional, performative facets. Simona interprets her songs in Solo Voice, dialoguing with the Manu Mara’s works and the surrounding environment, in a dreamlike and suspended atmosphere.

We present you a journey towards sounds, shapes, colors and culture that we all have lived in our hearts, the journey to the tropical country of our dreams.

Saudade, oblivion, beauty, joy.

©Ivan Bentivoglio 2020

Manu Mara

Manuela Maria Marazzani is an installation designer and creator of unique jewels in fused Murano glass and precious metals