Simona Palumbo Music
Giuseppe Sicuranza
Artist, designer, advertiser.

In each of his graphic and pictorial work, the protagonists are the letters of the alphabet used as a sort of code through which to circumscribe and expand one’s creative universe at the same time. A choice that indicates attention to what, in professional terms, is referred to as Lettering.

Giuseppe Sicuranza Metropoli

Be it painting or graphic sign, Giuseppe Sicuranza’s artistic path is sublimation of emotion through the meticulousness of the gesture, the perfection of the stroke, the precision of a brushstroke that challenges the most meticulous eye. But it is also chromatic matter, transfiguring and poignant, a microcosm that cries out to the macrocosm and vice versa. Conflicts and mental encounters merge in the unknown expectation of an event that arises where the viewer’s gaze sees its morphology and travels the reliefs like an explorer circumnavigates an unknown island with his own boat to recreate its contours on the nautical chart.

Giuseppe Sicuranza is an alchemist, a transmuter of forms, a calligrapher who uses his scriptorum to elaborate his own opus alchemicum. The word becomes an image, each letter that composes it, with sharp twists and evolutions evolves, crossing empty and full spaces, placing itself in any possible direction and situation, thus denouncing the loss of semantic communication to take on a figurative value, testimony of a metamorphosis of language that places us in front of an unprecedented dichotomy of reading.

He currently paints and works as a designer and advertiser between Turin and Milan, collaborates with Simona Palumbo in her Art&Music Project, choosing the electronic Simona’s sound, drawing inspiration from her songs to create new works. They project is called “Impression Project Free Colors”, from the album impression by Simona Palumbo, composed by her original elettropop songs.

Giuseppe Sicuranza Nudo di Donna