Simona Palumbo Music
Daniela Paci
Dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Graduated in Natural Sciences.

Certified at the Dance Space of New York in the Simmonson technique teacher training course (2000).

For twenty years contact improvisation, contemporary dance and improvisation teacher. Teacher, tutor and assistant to stage movements since 2015 at the professional training course for contemporary circus artist of Cirko Vertigo directed by Paolo Stratta in Grugliasco, Turin. She has been working since 2010 at the Teatro Stabile in Turin as a teacher of movement in the professional training course for actors directed by Valerio Binasco and Leonardo Lidi. Many collaborations with the company Il Mulino di Amleto directed by Marco Lorenzi for the production of the Teatro Stabile di Torino Gl’Innamorati di Goldoni, taking care of the stage movements.

Dance carrier from 1996 till 2015 she’s been part of many companies world wide, Sanzanemocollective based in New York, Opus Ballet based in Firenze, Mementodancecompany based in Holland. She has won countless awards (Voiron France best soloist, Pinerolo best original choreography) and participated in festivals (Pretendanse Paris, Encore Montreal, interplay Turin, Uvagrapes Catania, choreographic theater platform Turin). She was trained in Europe (Corinne Lanselle, Companie Taffanell, Bernard Estrabaut, Lola Keraly, Alain Grattadauria) and trained in New York at Dance Space in dance pedagogy with the Simmonson technique (Katiti King, Lynn SImmonson, Max Stone; Guido Tuveri).

She has led her own company since 2001 with the dancers and co-authors Martina Guidi and Paola Carbone, Chiara Marchi (, collaborates with Elena Carretero, Elisa Frisaldi, Dan Solo, Tommaso Serratore, Raffaele Irace, also collaborates with various dancers and musicians including Daniele Ninarello (spaces for contemporary dance 2010), Fabio Viana (production Interplay 2003), Max Strati, Rossella Cangini (spaces for contemporary dance 2007), Marjon Von Grunsven, Ines Lorca, Nicola Mascia, Laura Culver, Ornella Ru, Stefano Paolessi, Trio Tate ’Tsongan (foundation 107 for exhibition in defense), Alessio Maria Romano (finalist for the 2011 Balance Award).

Always in touch with Simona for several years of dance together (Turin , New York) and a deep friendship with elective affinity, from 2021 they work on the Art&Music Simona’s projects, by creating your own with dance, music and chant: “Soul Sisters Latin Land Project”, with performances each time different and magic.